Version 8.5 upgrade now available for FM:Interact

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Dear Friends,

I am very pleased to announce the availability of the Version 8.4 upgrade for FM:Interact. This version introduces an array of new functionality to the FM:Systems Integrated Workplace Management Suite including:

  • FM:Systems 3D BIM viewer powered by Autodesk 360, which allows users to navigate Revit models and select building components to see real-time information
  • The FMx5 floor plan viewer that lets users access their plans with greater speed and perform tasks from the floor plan with greater ease
  • Ability to multi-select, edit and vacate fields that helps users save time by quickly selecting and editing multiple records at once

The 8.4 release also includes full functionality for the Space Reservation module, an add-on module in the FM:Interact product suite, with Hoteling and now Room Scheduling. Room Scheduling provides employees and teams access to meeting space suited to their specific needs and includes the ability to look up and reserve meeting space based on size, layout and included amenities.
We are also happy to announce the release of a new module, the FM:Systems Workplace Survey Application (WSA), which is a tool that allows users to easily create surveys in the FM:Interact Workplace Management Suite and complete them on their mobile device.

To read more about the additional enhancements offered with FM:Interact 8.4, please see our full features list on our website. Also, if you haven’t yet registered for the 2015 FM:Systems User Conference it’s not too late. We will be demonstrating these new features to help you maximize the value of FM:Interact. The conference is in Raleigh, NC April 29-May 1 and I hope to see you there.


From the desk of Michael Schley
Founder and CEO, FM:Systems


Marketing Materials
We have several marketing materials you can send to your customers and prospects; all of these documents are posted to the partner portal:

New VM
We are working to complete a new VM that will include 8.4; we anticipate this to be in about a month. You can request a VM through our Partner Portal.